Tasked to implement the various migration and development initiatives of the City is the men and women of the Public Employment Service Office or the PESO. The PESO was originally created via Executive Order No.4 in 1989. Its original name was Industrial Relations Office or IRO. The main task it handled back then was to preserve industrial peace through programs that maintain a good relationship between management and labor.

The office’s mandate was broadened in the 1990s when the City signed a memorandum of agreement with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) which paved the way for the creation of PESO. Aside from the maintenance of industrial peace, other functions added to the expanded office is to assist out-of-school youths and other residents find jobs, and career guidance and counseling. In 1999, the PESO law was passed as Republic Act 8759, which institutionalized the role of the office as a key provider of employment service.

With the rapid rise of overseas employment from the Philippines, and the need to better improve protective mechanisms and migration and development programs such as reintegration and livelihood opportunities, PESO offices in various local government units have been revitalized and expanded.

Currently, the Quezon City PESO is headed by Mr. ROGELIO L. REYES, MCD